About Us
Shastra Deepika is an Orthodox Hindu Gurukulam, which teaches Advaita Vedanta & Shad Darshana Shastras as part of traditional Spiritual Practice. Preservation of Hinduism happens through preservation of Shastras, and preservation of shastras can only happen through Adhyayana & Adhyapana (Studying & Teaching).
Vision & Mission
Adhyayana & Adhyapana (Studying & Teaching) of Shastras are the compolsury duties of a Spiritual Practicioner, The Shastra Chintana through this will be the means of Spiritual Sadhana in Advaita Vedanta. In Bruhadaranyaka Upanishad, it has been said that "One must know Atman, the self, and through Shrotavyo, Manthavyo, Nidhidhyasitavyaha".

Welcome to Shastra Deepika

The Vision of ShastraDeepika is to reinstate the Adhyatma Vidya Knowledge Tradition.
From thousands of years the Rishis in their Gurukulam, teaching shastras as their Kartavya, without the consideration of benefit and as part of their Adhyatma Sadhana (Spiritual Practice). We welcome you to be part of this ancient movement in preserving the Shastras by Adhyayana & Adhyapana (Studying & Teaching).